The Effect

No Time to Look Fine

With all the hustle and bustle of life, looking half decent everyday and particularly for the school runs in the morning can be right at the bottom of the pile of things to do, like our children’s odd socks that we seem to collect and fold into one big sock ball at the back of their drawers!

BUT, It’s so sad to see beautiful mothers who have stopped trying a little or all together. I am not an advocate for having a full on mask parade for the school runs or for going to work but just looking like our face peeped a mirror before leaving the house at least would be a good thing to maintain.

One stroke of mascara and some barely there Lippy can go a LONG way even as far as to lift our mood and confidence.

Many studies have shown that there is in fact a link between cognitive ability and self esteem.

The Power of a lil’ Lippy

Did you know that lip-stick is a power-stick?

Yep, you heard right!

A simple application can transform a woman’s facial look and add a ton of confidence.

A new research Carried out by researchers from Harvard Medical School, USA, and the University of Chieti, Italy, has even found that not only can it boost your confidence but it can also make you feel… are you ready… Lipstick can make you feel ‘smarter’. This is not a well known fact but apparently it’s the truth girl!

We all know that make up can make us feel more physically attractive and increase how we come across in confidence, personality, attitude and self-esteem.

and I’ve certainly always felt a little bounce in my step after some small application of make up.

Looking good certainly makes us feel good and also generates endorphins for our moods. I for sure know that looking groggy makes me feel groggy 110%.

Notice the difference?

Even if you get a little compliment in the morning from another Mum or from Margaret who sits in your pod at work is enough to give you a little backseat booster for the day! Honestly, it makes a difference.

A little Make up can certainly add some confidence and self esteem.

Don’t be put off by the “and where do you think you’re going” comments, because guess what, that’s not their prerogative. You’re wearing a little lip gloss or mascara for yourself and no one else and there is no need for an explanation! Or you can just say… because there’s so much pollution in the air and this little bit of lippy acts as a barrier to protect my skin. Ha!

And always remember make up doesn’t need to look like you have any on, the subtle notes are always best for the day to day looks.

It’s also amazing to go bare every now and again and to let your facial skin breath.

Look out for my skin care routine and how I keep my skin looking supple and fresh!


8 thoughts on “The Effect”

    1. Thank you darling 💋💋 exactly! It definitely switches things up! I agree! A must have in the handbag… quick jazz up… never know who you’ll bump into – mum always says always look presentable whenever you go! Even to buy eggs and milk! Lol


      1. 🤣🤣🤣 my mum gets angry when I waste her time doing makeup whenever I want to go out even on errands but you’re right, they don’t want us to disgrace them, you never know who you might pass on the road.

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