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Help!! My little old lady dilemma.

I live in a block of flats and one of my many neighbours is an elderly woman (approximately 83 years in age). So, One day (3 months ago) I was returning home with my son from his nursery and I could see a familiar elderly lady standing aimlessly outside the flat entrance or maybe the… Continue reading Help!! My little old lady dilemma.


Get to the Root

You can prevent the ability of a cavity if you have stability in your mentality and the probability of a cavity would be less of a possibility with more positivity and less negativity. - Mummanopoly 🖤 We must be proactive in the way we think and if we don't we shall surely sink. We must… Continue reading Get to the Root


H, I,J,K,L,M, NO – Me!

Say NO Confidently and 10 Reminders Why. NO is just two letters right;- N and then O just joint in matrimony and they live comfortably together in the alphabet without any effort at all, but boooooy is it a meaty word! Or we think it is... Why do so many of us struggle to say… Continue reading H, I,J,K,L,M, NO – Me!


Subconscious Mind, do you nurture yours?

Here I am… my very first blog (looks around an empty room). I thought I’d start with something I’ve been working on which is my mind. Our Minds Can Be A Wilderness, Nurture It! Sometimes in life, all we have is hope and that’s really all we need, well, at least to start off with.… Continue reading Subconscious Mind, do you nurture yours?