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  • 10 Steps to Motivation!

    “You cannot act like Flip Flops and expect to be treated like Louboutins.” 👠 Sorry, we’re just not having it! Man!!! I love this quote! ….But isn’t it just sooooo true! You can’t put in 1% effort and expect 100% outcome and this is with everything in life. We all have can’t be bothered days […]

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  • H, I,J,K,L,M, NO – Me!

    Say NO Confidently and 10 Reminders Why. NO is just two letters right;- N and then O just joint in matrimony and they live comfortably together in the alphabet without any effort at all, but boooooy is it a meaty word! Or we think it is… Why do so many of us struggle to say […]

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