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  • Autumn Love Letter

    Dear Autumn, I feel like we need to have a chat! You’re giving me mixed signals. You’re not consistent. I’d like to know where I stand. When we go out, I don’t know how to be with you… You’re blowing hot and cold…. I get excited when I see you shining , I get so […]

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  • Procrastination

    Procrastination is an abomination! Procrastination, is the thing that takes over you and causes hesitation. Procrastination is like waiting at the station but not boarding the train to your final destination. …but I won’t forget to mention, how it creates so much tension and immense deep rooted self-frustration. You allow all of distraction to prevent […]

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  • Subconscious Mind, do you nurture yours?

    Here I am… my very first blog (looks around an empty room). I thought I’d start with something I’ve been working on which is my mind. Our Minds Can Be A Wilderness, Nurture It! Sometimes in life, all we have is hope and that’s really all we need, well, at least to start off with. […]

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